Kevin Colbert!

Pittsburgh Steelers 2009 HeadshotsKevin Colbert is living the life that many Pittsburgh natives dream of. Colbert grew up only a stone’s throw away from Heinz Field, a native of the city’s North side. Colbert was a student of North Catholic High School, and pursued his higher education at Robert Morris University, a private University in Pittsburgh. After graduating from Robert Morris University, he served as the Universities assistant basketball coach form 1979-1981 and also coached the University’s baseball team as well. From Robert Morris Colbert moved on to Ohio Wesleyan where he was their back field coordinator as well as baseball coach.

As is made obvious by Kevin Colbert’s history he is no one trick pony, but a man of many talents. In 1984 Colbert left Ohio Wesleyan to take up a scouting position with BLESTO and was then recruited by the Miami Dolphins as a college scout. When Colbert’s time with the Dolphins came to an end in 1990 he moved on with the Detroit Lions as their professional scouting director.

It was not until 2000 that the Pittsburgh native went to work with his hometown team. He was first hired as the Pittsburgh Steelers Director of Operations. It was in this capacity that he contributed to two Super Bowl wins by the Steelers. It was not until 2010 that Colbert was promoted to General Manager. The title itself is not more impressive than any other team’s General Manager, but with the Steelers Colbert made history. When he was made General Manager in 2010 he was the team’s first ever General Manager. Until Colbert, the Steelers had never had a General Manager before. This was obviously a moment of awe for the Pittsburgh native. Being named General Manager meant that Colbert was responsible for player transaction and acquisitions, effectively making him the head honcho in the Steelers organization.

Upon taking the title of General Manager, Kevin Colbert impressed many. In 2010 Forbes named Colbert the 4th best General Manager in the NFL. His overall record, then 31-17, matched with playoff appearances, Super Bowl appearances, and Super Bowl wins, as well as his effective budgeting earned him a prized spot on Forbes top 10 best NFL managers.

Closing the History

This year Colbert’s hard work is being recognized as he was named the number 2 best General Manager in the NFL. Colbert is known for his uncanny ability to successfully combine seasoned NFL veterans with rookies for the best effect. Though he is not one of the NFL’s most talked about General Managers, he is one of the most successful. To his credit he has two Super Bowl wins and can claim the recruitment of standout players like, Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown, and Maurkice Pouncey.

Colbert’s continued success with the Pittsburgh Steelers proves him as one of the top guys in the industry, and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. If Kevin Colbert’s record is any indication of his future we can only expect to continue to see great things from both he, and the Steelers.

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