Jerry Reese

jerry-reese-presserThe best general manager in the National Football Conference (NFC) is Jerry Reese. On a list of the top General Managers in the game, Reese places 1st, followed by Kevin Colbert of the American Football Conference (AFC). In addition to being General Manager, Reese also serves as Senior Vice President of the New York Giants since 2007. Reese has won two Lombardi trophies as General Manager of the New York Giants and created a cohesive roster that has the potential to compete for years. Reese is a breath of fresh air as he highly believes in building his team through the draft and by pursuing free agents to give his team the necessary edge and finishing touches.

Currently around half of the Giants roster was acquired through college free agents. Reese signed starters like defense tackle Chris Canty, linebacker Michael Boley, center David Baas and safety Antrel Rolle, all of whom were free agents. For some Reese’s tactics are seen as daring or even risk taking. Then again, not many other general managers have two Super Bowl rings that can attest to their good judgment.

Life Beginnings

Jerry Reese was born July 27, 1963 in Tiptonville, Tennessee. As anyone might guess he spent his youth enamored with football and played for Lake County high school in the 1-A division. While playing high school football Reese’s team made it to the Championship. From Lake County High, Reese went to the University of Tennessee at Martin, where he continued to play his favorite sport. Upon graduating from the University of Tennessee at Martin, Jerry Reese took the position of assistant coach before he eventually took his first NFL job as a scout for the New York Giants. From 2002 to 2007, when he became general manager, Jerry Reese was the Director of Pro Personnel for the New York Giants.

Reese has accomplished many things in his time as the New York Giants head of operations. He has lead the Giants to 2 Super Bowl victories, obtained a 58-38 regular season record and an 8-1 postseason mark. In addition to these accomplishments under Reese’s watchful eye, the New York Giants have won two NFC East Championships, acquired three postseason berths and finished every season no less than .500. While all of his work and accomplishments with the Giants would define any career, Reese has a lot to be personally proud of as well as professionally. Reese was only the third African American General Manager appointed in the NFL, and learned of his appointment on no other than Martin Luther King Jr. Day. In 2008 Jerry Reese was inducted into the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame, and earned a spot in his Alma mater, University of Tennessee Martin’s, Hall of Fame in 1995.

Closing History

Jerry Reese holds a Bachelors Degree in health and physical education as well as a Masters Degree in education administration and supervision. From his early year to his current prominent roll in professional football, Reese has proven to be a hard working, keen, and capable man. So far in the 2013 season the Giants have experienced a bit of a rough patch, but if the past is any indication the Giants will pull it together and continue to be the team that makes their General Manager proud.


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