How College Football is Making Millions

college_football_making_millionsIt is widely known that Americans love football, just as people from all over the world love sports popular in their countries. What sets American football fans apart, however, is their love of the collegiate level of the sport. College football has been popular for a long time, but has been gaining more steam in recent years. To people around the world this is a strange phenomenon, that Americans are just as passionate about college football as they are about pro football. The country’s passion for college football has turned it into a huge money maker for colleges.

How college football turned into such a spectacle has a simple and often over looked answer. In places that were neglected by and lacked professional sports teams, college football caught on like wildfire. There are only 32 professional football teams in the NFL, so not every state has one and for most in a state that does getting to games regularly can be an issue. College football offers a lower ticket cost, quality football, and a team to root for, even if one hasn’t attended the school the team represents. In addition to accessibility many people love to watch athletes playing for the love of the game, instead of players who play for a salary and inevitably become divas and prima donnas. Continue reading


The Unsung Manager

the_unsung_managerProfessional football is an industry of high profile jobs. From legendary coaches to admired players the NFL is a place full of heroes. Not all of the heroes of the NFL, however, get much time in the spotlight. It is obvious that without great players, managers, and coaching the NFL would be nowhere, but what about the people who make up the cogs and gears that make the NFL tick. We never hear about those responsible for making sure the most basic needs of the league are met. One such job is that of equipment manager. There is little glory and it is often a thankless job, but without these members of the larger NFL community troubles would crop up quickly. Continue reading