Robbie Williams & Port Vale

x factor 3 111210In 2006, Let me entertain you singer, Robbie Williams, became the majority shareholder in Port Vale Football Club. However, ahead of an extremely important management meeting next week, he has handed his proxy shares vote over to the Port Vale Supporters Club. When Robbie bought his shares seven years ago, they were worth £249,000. This means that the supporters club will be able to use his vote when they decide the fate of the five-man board on Wednesday.

Robbie Williams’ spokesman said ‘’In order to give the Port Vale fans a chance to voice at the forthcoming EGM, Robbie Williams has decided to give his vote to the supporters club for Port Vale. The supporters club are from now on responsible for giving our fans the opportunity to be heard at the EGM. The directors of vale will be now voted off the board if they do fail to attract the support from at least 50% of the votes which are cast at the EGM.’’

The spokesman for the Port Vale, Dave Felsted said: ‘’The Port Vale Supporters’ Club will look for the views and wishes of our membership, all the other member of the major Port Vale supporters and organisations and the Port Vale generally, the matters will be addressed to them in the future at EGM.

The supporters club for Port Vale approached Williams in October and they have been consulting fans for around five months now as to how they should use the votes that Robbie Williams gave to them at the meeting.

“We shall use the donated proxy votes in good faith and in a manner which we believe to be in the best of interests of the Port Vale Football Club and their supporters, we are also taking in full account of the views and wishes of the high majority of our fans who have expressed the wishes and views to do with the votes.”


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