Bishops Stortford Charity Donation

bishops_stortford_charity_donationA great many charities have been supported by Bishops Stortford Football Club over the years and one who has received particular attention from them is the British Heart Foundation. The British Heart Foundation has received donations not just from the club itself but also from a large number of their fans who have adopted the worthy cause as their own. In the last five years alone, the club has raised over twelve thousand pounds for the British Heart Foundation.

Every May bank holiday, football matches take place in remembrance of Andy Barnes, frequently referred to as Mr Stortford. Andy Barnes, who was a devoted life time supporter of Bishops Stortford, tragically died of a heart attack. Veterans of Bishops Stortford FC, celebrities, academy players and locals have competed each year in these matches to raise funds for charity. The funds they raise are then increased by auctions and other events. It is hoped that this event will continue for many years to come and will still continue to receive the same amount of support from all involved.

Bishops Stortford Football Club also raises funds for the charity Kit Aid. Just three years ago they donated 200 football shirts to the cause. Kit Aid was established twelve years ago after Derrick Williams MBE went on a journey to Tanzania. Derrick was fascinated by the level of interest in football in Tanzania but disappointed by the lack of resources they had to play the game. When Derrick returned to the UK, he had a conversation with one of his colleagues and they decided to set up the charity. They immediately sent a box full of football shirts to one of the villages Derrick had visited on his trip. Ever since that first box, Kit Aid has sent over 120,000 shirts and other sporting items to Africa, South America, Eastern Europe and Asia. Graham Taylor, England’s former manager has also become heavily involved in the charity and donates generously.


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