Cardiff City FC Support Community Charity

cardiff_city_football_clubCardiff City Football Club has promised to donate a million pounds to charities in the local area. This premier league donation comes as the Barclays premier season approaches. Tan Sri Vincent and Cardiff City Football Club recently announced the details of the donation which they hope will support the many incredible charitable causes in the community.

In the last few days, Cardiff City Football Club has launched their “Thanks a Million” campaign which was the creation of Tan Sri Vincent. This is the incentive which will drive the one million pound donation and all charities to be in receipt of the money have been selected by the committee. In addition to this, Tan Sri Vincent Tan has also confirmed that Cardiff City FC will repeat this million pound donation annually to community based organisations for as long as the club remains in the premier league. Almost 50 charities have been chosen, all of which are of Welsh heritage.

Representatives from the 1st year of selected charities have now been invited to attend the stadium where the team plays for an official reception and dinner. Tan Sri Vincent said of the occasion, “I honestly believe that Cardiff City FC being promoted to the Premier League after 51 years of waiting to play at the highest level is a true blessing”. He later went on to say that “with the grave of God, we will use this blessing positively and support the charity organisations and disadvantaged members of the south Wales communions, particularly in Cardiff and the valets where the majority of our supporters are based”.

Tan Sri Vincent has also expressed his belief that the success of Cardiff City Football Club recently hasn’t been due to any one factor but is the result of collective hard work.

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