Top NFL Managers

indexBeing an NFL manager is not an easy job. The direction and performance of the team rest mostly on their shoulders, and when a team doesn’t perform up to standards it is the general manager who gets put on the line. A general manager is responsible for essentially running the whole operation. Many NFL teams reserve certain rights mainly leaving the manager in charge of salaries and all matters of the sports aspect of a franchise. To be an NFL manager, one obviously needs to know what they are doing and be among the best at doing it. The idea of whose best is very subjective, but this year’s picks are in.


The number one spot goes to Jerry Reese of the New York Giants. Reese has be the GM for the Giants since 2007 and has two Super Bowl wins under his belt, as well as two Lombardi trophies. Coming in at number two is Kevin Colbert of the Pittsburg Steelers. Though Colbert has been with the Steelers since 2000 he is relatively new to the GM position—having only gained it in 2010 when he became the Steelers first ever GM. In third place is Ozzie Newsome, GM to the Baltimore Ravens. Newsome has been in his position for 16 years and has a Super Bowl title to his name. His strong suit is building his scouting crew from the ground up and building his team through the draft. Number four is the Green Bay Packers, Ted Thompson. Thompson, a former football player himself is well versed in the ins and outs of football. He makes every decision with the best interest of his organization in mind. This was never more evident than when he traded Bret Favre for Aaron Rodgers. His leap of faith brought the Packers a Super Bowl win. Bill Belichick from the New England Patriots rounds out the top half of the top 10. While not technically a GM, but a coach, he has final say in all personnel matter, a rarity in the NFL

The Bottom Half

In the bottom half of the top 10 there is Mickey Loomis, of the New Orleans Saints at number 6. Coming in 7th is the Atlanta Falcons Thomas Dimitrioff followed by Trent Baalke of the San Francisco 49ers, Rick Smith of the Houston Texans, and Denver’s own John Elway. Each of these General Managers presides over some of the NFL’s most profitable and successful teams. Being a General Manager is no easy feat, as a single off year can see you booted out the door. Of course, many of these GM’s are former football players themselves so the first hand knowledge of the game is more than helpful to their cause.

In the NFL, there is too much at stake to leave the management of teams to chance. Each of these men exhibits some of the best football minds in the world. Their understanding of the intricacies of team dynamics, talent spotting are key skills that must be successfully married in order to produce a proper General Manager.


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