New England Patriots

new-england-patriotsThe New England Patriots are a very altruistic team. Overall they support around 16 causes and charities. Among those who receive charity from the patriots are: the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Blood Donation Awareness, the Patriots Women’s Association, and the Science of Sports Science Fair which is hosted annually at Gillette Stadium. The causes supported by the Patriots range from raising public awareness to educational outreach. The Patriots are doing very good and very important work in New England to help the community at large.

Charitable Foundation/ Association

The New England Patriots Charitable Foundation hosts a blood drive that aims to raise awareness about the importance of blood and platelet donation. This rarely considered issue is actually a very important one. At the moment the US is experiencing a blood shortage. Donated blood goes to children and adults with cancer, sickle cell anemia, emergency patients, and more. It is estimated that 60% of US adults are eligible to donate blood, yet only 5% do so regularly. The Patriots blood drive utilizes the star power of its athletes’ to draw people to a very worthy cause. Participants are given Patriots merchandise and eligible for a special raffle.

The Patriots Women’s Association is responsible for supporting women in need as well as children within the community. The association is headed by the wife of the Patriots CEO, Myra Kraft. Other women associate with the Patriots and are involved as well. The association has served food in shelters to women in need and taken part in school art programs with at risk children.

Almost everyone has heard of the Make-A-Wish foundation, a charity which grants the wishes of disables and terminally ill children. For the Make-A-Wish foundation the Patriots offer up their stadium and time to children whose dream it is to be a star football player. Typically a whole day consists of one on one interaction with players at Gillette stadium, which gives the children a taste of their NFL dreams.

Science of Sports Foundation Science Fair

Finally there is the Science of Sports Foundation Science Fair. Every spring the Fair is hosted at Gillette Stadium and welcomes children from local boys and girls clubs to participate. Children are paired with a mentor who helps them develop their science projects, which are then revealed for judging at the Stadium during the Science Fair. The science fair is judged by celebrity judges and the winners take home a scholarship toward their post secondary education. This program encourages children from lower income families to strive for educational excellence, and to step into the sciences.

The causes which the Patriots support are indeed worthy ones. Raising awareness about the country’s blood shortage is a topic that really needs to be talked about and shared with the public. Through their high profile blood drives the Patriots are doing just that and bringing critical awareness to a dire public health issue. In addition by helping women and children in need, the Patriots are advocating social and educational improvement. The causes which the Patriots support are not merely charities they are a platform for improving our society.

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