The Football Association and the Teenage Cancer Trust Working Together

Teenage_Cancer_TrustThe sporting world has always been a prominent player in helping to raise money for charity, from the annual fundraiser Sport Relief to the Charity Shield of football, celebrity golf tournaments and all manner of fun runs and marathons across the country. This year the UK Football Association celebrates its 150th year in operation and hopes to raise a record amount of money for its primary partner, the Teenage Cancer Trust.

The Teenage Cancer Trust is the largest charity organisation in the UK that helps with the treatment of cancer sufferers and survivors aged between thirteen and twenty-four. The trust aims to improve both the chances of survival and the quality of life for all cancer sufferers by building special units in NHS hospitals across the UK. These units offer specialised treatment and care as well as helping to educate people in the community to help young people spot the early warning signs of cancer.

The FA itself started the contributions with a bang, donating £150,000 to the trust to kick-start the fundraising efforts. They hope that through a number of donations and fundraising events they can at least double that amount again. Simon Davies, the Chief Executive of the Teenage Cancer Trust, has arranged a number of events to raise funds, including a ten-kilometre run through the City of London. In conjunction with BUPA, whose CEO is Stuart Fletcher, the BUPA London 10,000 charity run was put together — ten-kilometre fun run right through the centre of London, taking in all the famous sights while raising funds for a great cause.

There are a number of charities that reach out to people and raise money through football. Another great organisation is the England Football Team itself, which just last year donated £50,000 to the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK, amongst many other donations and fundraisers for worthy causes. There are even football-based organisations that help young people who are out of work or without proper education. Street League is a charity that mixes professional-quality football training with time in the classroom learning valuable skills that can help people find decent work. The courses offer structure and goal-setting tasks to young people to help them stay on the right track, while also letting them do something they have a natural passion for.

If you want to get involved, then you probably won’t have to look very far. There are charity five-a-side football games, fun runs, cycling challenges and endurance races going on all over the country for every cause you could think of. You can help raise money for a number of great causes while also helping to keep yourself active and healthy.


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