Excelling On and Off the Field

nfl_imageThe NFL continues to excel both on and off the field from San Francisco to New York. The level of play has grown, the talent level is at the highest they have been in years and the profits around the entire league is at an all-time high. This benefits everyone from players to general managers to the commissioner.

Now the side of the the NFL that many fans don’t know about how much they give to charities as well as how much each organization does for their community. The NFL in 1973 created NFL Charities to help give back to the community through grants.

One of these programs is the youth football camp grants that are awarded to former and current player as well as coaches to run camps in the community during the summer. These grants range from $1000 to $4000. This gives players a chance to give back to the community. The NFL also has a plan in place that allows players to donate to organizations of their choice with the league matching up to $5,000. They also support former players as well as coaches who participate as a coach for youth or high school sports and will award grants up to $8,000.

This isn’t the only way the NFL works with the community as they have also launched the NFL Play 60 Fitness program to help get kids to get out and be active. With this the NFL Foundation awards grants to all 32 NFL teams to use in the community for events and programs.

As the NFL continues to build and grow throughout the upcoming years we can all expect a growth in charity work done in and out of the community.


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