The NFL Foundation

nfl_foundationAs we all sit on our couches on Sunday and watch our favorite NFL teams play we don’t take time to realize how much the league and the players do for our community. This includes the NFL foundation charity, individual charities as well as league wide programs such as the online auctions for breast cancer.

The NFL foundation is a way for the league to give back to the youth programs in the community. This helps supports the development of youth football around the country as well as allow them to learn the proper ways to play the game of football.

This is just one way the league contributes to the community. Along with the league many of the players themselves give back to the community through fundraising programs or foundations they create. Here are a few of the players who give back to the community.

Anquan Boldin – Q 81 Foundation (Giving back to underprivileged youth)

Ben Roethlisberger  Foundation (Support for police and firefighters)

Brett Favre – Fourward Foundation (Disadvantaged & disabled children)

Charles Tillman – Cornerstone Foundation (Educational opportunities and life skills)

Daniel Wilcox -Empowerment M.I.N.D.S. Foundation (Single Mothers/Children)

Peyton Manning – PeyBack Foundation (Youth academic development)

 You can find more information at on these foundations as well as many more including websites to many of their websites.

 Along with these individual programs the NFL runs online auctions at which allows fans to bid on game used gear such as jerseys, helmets as well as autographed merchandise. Some of the key causes that benefit from these events include Breast Cancer Awareness. The NFL supports breast cancer in the month of October in which players around the league wear pink cleats, gloves, towels as well as wear commemorative decals/patches on helmets and jerseys. After each game the league collects the gear and puts it up for auction allowing fans to support these causes.

The NFL continues to find ways each year to give back to the local community.


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