The Rise of Philanthropy in European Football

rise_of_philanthropy_in_european_footballFootball is a sport that’s intrinsically linked to large pay days and players who demand exorbitant fees. It’s also fast becoming a sport where philanthropy is a common occurrence and the number of altruistic ballplayers and football franchises are rapidly increasing. Benevolent teams and individuals are pledging thousands of pounds to varying causes and putting their names behind worthy charitable endeavours in an attempt to invest in the community. Continue reading


Raising Awareness and Making Change

Brendon-AyanbadejoIn the past few years our country has experienced a very pronounced interest in one of our last remaining social inequality problems. Equality for all is something that our country was founded on yet there is still a group openly discriminated against in our society, it is the LGBT community. Homosexuality is not a topic that is generally up for discussion in the world of pro sports, which has seemingly adopted a policy of ‘don’t ask don’t tell’. Recently this year, though, this very issue came to light in the NFL. Between talks of expecting players to come out, and news that the Miami Dolphins Jonathan Martin walked off the team citing allegations of bullying by teammates for his sexual orientation, in particular Richie Incognito. Continue reading