The NFL Foundation

nfl_foundationAs we all sit on our couches on Sunday and watch our favorite NFL teams play we don’t take time to realize how much the league and the players do for our community. This includes the NFL foundation charity, individual charities as well as league wide programs such as the online auctions for breast cancer.

The NFL foundation is a way for the league to give back to the youth programs in the community. This helps supports the development of youth football around the country as well as allow them to learn the proper ways to play the game of football. Continue reading


Excelling On and Off the Field

nfl_imageThe NFL continues to excel both on and off the field from San Francisco to New York. The level of play has grown, the talent level is at the highest they have been in years and the profits around the entire league is at an all-time high. This benefits everyone from players to general managers to the commissioner.

Now the side of the the NFL that many fans don’t know about how much they give to charities as well as how much each organization does for their community. The NFL in 1973 created NFL Charities to help give back to the community through grants. Continue reading

Raising Awareness and Making Change

Brendon-AyanbadejoIn the past few years our country has experienced a very pronounced interest in one of our last remaining social inequality problems. Equality for all is something that our country was founded on yet there is still a group openly discriminated against in our society, it is the LGBT community. Homosexuality is not a topic that is generally up for discussion in the world of pro sports, which has seemingly adopted a policy of ‘don’t ask don’t tell’. Recently this year, though, this very issue came to light in the NFL. Between talks of expecting players to come out, and news that the Miami Dolphins Jonathan Martin walked off the team citing allegations of bullying by teammates for his sexual orientation, in particular Richie Incognito. Continue reading

How Much is the Football Empire Worth?

how_much_is_the_football_empire_worthBaseball may be America’s past time, but football is America’s obsession. September 5th marked the beginning of our countries annual football mania. Since the start of the season NFL games have been dominating the airwaves and have the ratings to prove it. Currently the NFL is responsible for 18 of the most watched programs on TV, with the average game drawing 16.8 million pairs of eyeballs across the country. This should help give an indication of the sheer amount of avid football followers we have in the U.S. When you consider that that many people take the time to tune in regularly, it isn’t hard to figure that the NFL is the most lucrative sports league around. This year the NFL is set to rake in just over 9 billion (that’s million with a ‘b’) dollars. But just how does the NFL make its money? Continue reading

Most Charitable Players in the NFL

london_fletcherToo often it seems like the sole preoccupation of pro football players is money. The salaries of NFL players are remarkably high, and the lives these players lead tend to be even more high profile. Cars, parties, women, and bling seem to get as much spot light as the careers of those adorned with them do. Not all players are caught up in the love of money and material objects, though. The NFL has quite a few players who reach out and give back to their communities and promote charitable causes. Many of these players dedicate a lot of time and work into the causes that they advocate. Continue reading

Top NFL Managers

indexBeing an NFL manager is not an easy job. The direction and performance of the team rest mostly on their shoulders, and when a team doesn’t perform up to standards it is the general manager who gets put on the line. A general manager is responsible for essentially running the whole operation. Many NFL teams reserve certain rights mainly leaving the manager in charge of salaries and all matters of the sports aspect of a franchise. To be an NFL manager, one obviously needs to know what they are doing and be among the best at doing it. The idea of whose best is very subjective, but this year’s picks are in. Continue reading

The Big Problem of Big Salaries

aaronIt seems in recent years pro football players have been grabbing headlines for all the wrong reasons. From Michael Vick and Pacman Jones to, most recently Aaron Hernandez, it seems that super stardom and all that comes with it is not enough to keep these talented athletes out of trouble. Perhaps the real problem is the fame, but more so the money. For many NFL rookies the sudden influx of cash is both tempting and overwhelming, they are human after all. It is estimated that 78% of NFL players go bankrupt or flat broke. Continue reading