How the World’s Most Popular Sport Can Help the Disadvantaged

How the world's most popular sport can help the disadvantagedThe game of football remains the world’s most followed sport. There can be few other sports which ignite such passion in supporters and attract such a diverse range of fans. From the wealthy to the poor, both fans and players of football come from a wide variety of backgrounds. However, it is often the case that the disadvantaged find it difficult to get involved in the game, due to the pressures they face in their lives. Now, one charity has decided to change that.

Street League was originally founded in the UK in 2001 as a charitable organisation working with the homeless. Today, Street League works with young people between the ages of 16 and 25 who are classified as NEET (not in education, employment or training). Youth unemployment has been a worrying issue for many years and remains a major problem with over one million young people out of work and facing a bleak future. Continue reading


The Million Pound Gift from Cardiff City FC

Cardiff-City-FCs-new-club-badgeCardiff City has long been one of Wales’ most successful football teams. Still the only non-English side to have won the FA Cup, the club have enjoyed a revival of fortunes on the pitch in recent years. After reaching the FA Cup Final in 2008 and the final of the Football League Cup in 2012, Cardiff entered the Premier League at the beginning of the 2013-2014 season. The owner of Cardiff City, Tan Sri Vincent Tan, has not only brought increased funds to the club, but also revealed a philanthropic side when he announced details of a one-million-pound donation to charity in August 2013. Continue reading

The Football Association and the Teenage Cancer Trust Working Together

Teenage_Cancer_TrustThe sporting world has always been a prominent player in helping to raise money for charity, from the annual fundraiser Sport Relief to the Charity Shield of football, celebrity golf tournaments and all manner of fun runs and marathons across the country. This year the UK Football Association celebrates its 150th year in operation and hopes to raise a record amount of money for its primary partner, the Teenage Cancer Trust.

The Teenage Cancer Trust is the largest charity organisation in the UK that helps with the treatment of cancer sufferers and survivors aged between thirteen and twenty-four. The trust aims to improve both the chances of survival and the quality of life for all cancer sufferers by building special units in NHS hospitals across the UK. These units offer specialised treatment and care as well as helping to educate people in the community to help young people spot the early warning signs of cancer. Continue reading

Raising Awareness and Making Change

Brendon-AyanbadejoIn the past few years our country has experienced a very pronounced interest in one of our last remaining social inequality problems. Equality for all is something that our country was founded on yet there is still a group openly discriminated against in our society, it is the LGBT community. Homosexuality is not a topic that is generally up for discussion in the world of pro sports, which has seemingly adopted a policy of ‘don’t ask don’t tell’. Recently this year, though, this very issue came to light in the NFL. Between talks of expecting players to come out, and news that the Miami Dolphins Jonathan Martin walked off the team citing allegations of bullying by teammates for his sexual orientation, in particular Richie Incognito. Continue reading

Cardiff City FC Support Community Charity

cardiff_city_football_clubCardiff City Football Club has promised to donate a million pounds to charities in the local area. This premier league donation comes as the Barclays premier season approaches. Tan Sri Vincent and Cardiff City Football Club recently announced the details of the donation which they hope will support the many incredible charitable causes in the community.

In the last few days, Cardiff City Football Club has launched their “Thanks a Million” campaign which was the creation of Tan Sri Vincent. This is the incentive which will drive the one million pound donation and all charities to be in receipt of the money have been selected by the committee. In addition to this, Tan Sri Vincent Tan has also confirmed that Cardiff City FC will repeat this million pound donation annually to community based organisations for as long as the club remains in the premier league. Almost 50 charities have been chosen, all of which are of Welsh heritage. Continue reading

Bishops Stortford Charity Donation

bishops_stortford_charity_donationA great many charities have been supported by Bishops Stortford Football Club over the years and one who has received particular attention from them is the British Heart Foundation. The British Heart Foundation has received donations not just from the club itself but also from a large number of their fans who have adopted the worthy cause as their own. In the last five years alone, the club has raised over twelve thousand pounds for the British Heart Foundation.

Every May bank holiday, football matches take place in remembrance of Andy Barnes, frequently referred to as Mr Stortford. Andy Barnes, who was a devoted life time supporter of Bishops Stortford, tragically died of a heart attack. Veterans of Bishops Stortford FC, celebrities, academy players and locals have competed each year in these matches to raise funds for charity. The funds they raise are then increased by auctions and other events. It is hoped that this event will continue for many years to come and will still continue to receive the same amount of support from all involved.

Bishops Stortford Football Club also raises funds for the charity Kit Aid. Just three years ago they donated 200 football shirts to the cause. Kit Aid was established twelve years ago after Derrick Williams MBE went on a journey to Tanzania. Derrick was fascinated by the level of interest in football in Tanzania but disappointed by the lack of resources they had to play the game. When Derrick returned to the UK, he had a conversation with one of his colleagues and they decided to set up the charity. They immediately sent a box full of football shirts to one of the villages Derrick had visited on his trip. Ever since that first box, Kit Aid has sent over 120,000 shirts and other sporting items to Africa, South America, Eastern Europe and Asia. Graham Taylor, England’s former manager has also become heavily involved in the charity and donates generously.

Robbie Williams & Port Vale

x factor 3 111210In 2006, Let me entertain you singer, Robbie Williams, became the majority shareholder in Port Vale Football Club. However, ahead of an extremely important management meeting next week, he has handed his proxy shares vote over to the Port Vale Supporters Club. When Robbie bought his shares seven years ago, they were worth £249,000. This means that the supporters club will be able to use his vote when they decide the fate of the five-man board on Wednesday.

Robbie Williams’ spokesman said ‘’In order to give the Port Vale fans a chance to voice at the forthcoming EGM, Robbie Williams has decided to give his vote to the supporters club for Port Vale. The supporters club are from now on responsible for giving our fans the opportunity to be heard at the EGM. The directors of vale will be now voted off the board if they do fail to attract the support from at least 50% of the votes which are cast at the EGM.’’ Continue reading