The NFL Foundation

nfl_foundationAs we all sit on our couches on Sunday and watch our favorite NFL teams play we don’t take time to realize how much the league and the players do for our community. This includes the NFL foundation charity, individual charities as well as league wide programs such as the online auctions for breast cancer.

The NFL foundation is a way for the league to give back to the youth programs in the community. This helps supports the development of youth football around the country as well as allow them to learn the proper ways to play the game of football. Continue reading


The England Football Squad Helps Charities Across the UK

england_football_squad_helps_charities_across_the_UKIn 2007 the members of the England football team decided that all of their future pay cheques for England training sessions and matches would now be donated to charitable causes. This impressive gesture has remained the case for all of the subsequent England football sides to this day. Every time you catch an England game on TV, the players fees are helping out a worthy cause somewhere in the UK.

The England Footballer’s Foundation was set up in 2007 as a registered charity to deal with the money and its distribution. Since the charity started, nearly £3 million has been generated for UK charities such as Help For Heroes, Cancer Research UK, The Bobby Moore Fund, Rays Of Sunshine and Wellchild. Continue reading

How the Miami Dolphins Give Back

The Miami Dolphins have many community based outreach incentives that they orchestrate and support. Among their causes are: cancer, providing scholarships to outstanding students from challenging backgrounds, youth sporting charities, and summer reading programs throughout Florida. Though all of the charities they support are wonderful, the summer reading programs are the stand out, considering that Florida has one of the highest levels of illiteracy in entire United States. It is estimated that some 20% of adults in Florida lack even basic literacy skills. The only other states that have higher illiteracy rates are New York and California. index

The Miami Dolphins are the first sports team to partner not just with their local libraries, but the entire Florida state library system. For the summer reading programs, players and cheerleaders make appearances, provide autographed posters for promotion, donate books, and prizes for milestone achievements in reading programs. Continue reading

The Unsung Manager

the_unsung_managerProfessional football is an industry of high profile jobs. From legendary coaches to admired players the NFL is a place full of heroes. Not all of the heroes of the NFL, however, get much time in the spotlight. It is obvious that without great players, managers, and coaching the NFL would be nowhere, but what about the people who make up the cogs and gears that make the NFL tick. We never hear about those responsible for making sure the most basic needs of the league are met. One such job is that of equipment manager. There is little glory and it is often a thankless job, but without these members of the larger NFL community troubles would crop up quickly. Continue reading

College Footballs Biggest Donors

college_footballs_biggest_donorsCollege football is a phenomenon and one of the most popular sports in the US. In recent years it has turned into a business that resembles the NFL in ways like venue and ticket revenue, as well as the sheer overwhelming amount of merchandising. These days’ colleges even get T.V. deals with providers who broadcast their games. So it should come with little shock that certain ambitious and influential people want a piece of the college football pie. Continue reading