The NFL Foundation

nfl_foundationAs we all sit on our couches on Sunday and watch our favorite NFL teams play we don’t take time to realize how much the league and the players do for our community. This includes the NFL foundation charity, individual charities as well as league wide programs such as the online auctions for breast cancer.

The NFL foundation is a way for the league to give back to the youth programs in the community. This helps supports the development of youth football around the country as well as allow them to learn the proper ways to play the game of football. Continue reading


Excelling On and Off the Field

nfl_imageThe NFL continues to excel both on and off the field from San Francisco to New York. The level of play has grown, the talent level is at the highest they have been in years and the profits around the entire league is at an all-time high. This benefits everyone from players to general managers to the commissioner.

Now the side of the the NFL that many fans don’t know about how much they give to charities as well as how much each organization does for their community. The NFL in 1973 created NFL Charities to help give back to the community through grants. Continue reading

How the World’s Most Popular Sport Can Help the Disadvantaged

How the world's most popular sport can help the disadvantagedThe game of football remains the world’s most followed sport. There can be few other sports which ignite such passion in supporters and attract such a diverse range of fans. From the wealthy to the poor, both fans and players of football come from a wide variety of backgrounds. However, it is often the case that the disadvantaged find it difficult to get involved in the game, due to the pressures they face in their lives. Now, one charity has decided to change that.

Street League was originally founded in the UK in 2001 as a charitable organisation working with the homeless. Today, Street League works with young people between the ages of 16 and 25 who are classified as NEET (not in education, employment or training). Youth unemployment has been a worrying issue for many years and remains a major problem with over one million young people out of work and facing a bleak future. Continue reading

The Million Pound Gift from Cardiff City FC

Cardiff-City-FCs-new-club-badgeCardiff City has long been one of Wales’ most successful football teams. Still the only non-English side to have won the FA Cup, the club have enjoyed a revival of fortunes on the pitch in recent years. After reaching the FA Cup Final in 2008 and the final of the Football League Cup in 2012, Cardiff entered the Premier League at the beginning of the 2013-2014 season. The owner of Cardiff City, Tan Sri Vincent Tan, has not only brought increased funds to the club, but also revealed a philanthropic side when he announced details of a one-million-pound donation to charity in August 2013. Continue reading

The Rise of Philanthropy in European Football

rise_of_philanthropy_in_european_footballFootball is a sport that’s intrinsically linked to large pay days and players who demand exorbitant fees. It’s also fast becoming a sport where philanthropy is a common occurrence and the number of altruistic ballplayers and football franchises are rapidly increasing. Benevolent teams and individuals are pledging thousands of pounds to varying causes and putting their names behind worthy charitable endeavours in an attempt to invest in the community. Continue reading

The England Football Squad Helps Charities Across the UK

england_football_squad_helps_charities_across_the_UKIn 2007 the members of the England football team decided that all of their future pay cheques for England training sessions and matches would now be donated to charitable causes. This impressive gesture has remained the case for all of the subsequent England football sides to this day. Every time you catch an England game on TV, the players fees are helping out a worthy cause somewhere in the UK.

The England Footballer’s Foundation was set up in 2007 as a registered charity to deal with the money and its distribution. Since the charity started, nearly £3 million has been generated for UK charities such as Help For Heroes, Cancer Research UK, The Bobby Moore Fund, Rays Of Sunshine and Wellchild. Continue reading

The Football Association and the Teenage Cancer Trust Working Together

Teenage_Cancer_TrustThe sporting world has always been a prominent player in helping to raise money for charity, from the annual fundraiser Sport Relief to the Charity Shield of football, celebrity golf tournaments and all manner of fun runs and marathons across the country. This year the UK Football Association celebrates its 150th year in operation and hopes to raise a record amount of money for its primary partner, the Teenage Cancer Trust.

The Teenage Cancer Trust is the largest charity organisation in the UK that helps with the treatment of cancer sufferers and survivors aged between thirteen and twenty-four. The trust aims to improve both the chances of survival and the quality of life for all cancer sufferers by building special units in NHS hospitals across the UK. These units offer specialised treatment and care as well as helping to educate people in the community to help young people spot the early warning signs of cancer. Continue reading